Welcome to our Richmond Dental Practice

We understand that for some people, visiting the dentist is an experience they would rather avoid. At Richmond Fine Dentistry we want you to feel good about coming to see the dentist. A smile means so much, yet there are people who forgo good oral health and great smiles for fear of the dentist.


The most important decision when visiting the dentist is finding someone you trust. We’ll provide you with high quality oral health care which maintains the good condition of your teeth via regular check-ups and hygiene visits. Healthy teeth and gums will ultimately change the way you feel about yourself, improve your confidence and can enhance your general wellbeing. A good oral health program will also cost you less in the long run as you avoid unexpected dental issues.

In Australia, general life expectancy is increasing. This means we need to maintain our teeth for much longer so we can continue to enjoy eating and retain good health. Keeping your teeth healthy also maintains the structure of your face, which can change shape with age if you have missing teeth.

We want to make a difference to people in Melbourne. We understand not only the complexities of your teeth and mouth, but the whole person. At Richmond Fine Dentistry, we aim to provide comprehensive service and fine dentistry that makes you smile. Read about our philosophy of providing good dental care, and meet our team. We’re here to help!

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