Our philosophy is to be the best dentists in Richmond and the whole of Melbourne.

As dentists, it is our aim to help each patient attain their highest dental health potential.

Our patients can feel comfort at each stage of their progress through our Richmond practice. We pride ourselves on making sure all our patients are informed, educated, motivated and supported.

Dental practice philosophy for Richmond Fine Dentistry Melbourne showing cup of tea with apples

Our Mission

Welcome to Richmond Fine Dentistry. Our dentists’ aim is to provide you with gentle, comprehensive and high quality dental healthcare. We work as a harmonious team of dentists and staff in our superior facility. We endeavour to treat all patients with respect, responsibility and high ethical standards. We cherish continuous, long term relationships with our patients.

Richmond Fine Dentistry recognises the importance of conservation to this planet. Our dentists’ Melbourne facility is always immaculate, we have established the practice to be environmentally responsible and operate it on green credentials.

We realise that the challenges microorganisms pose to community health are best managed by smart and consistent infection control protocols and we pledge to exceed the statutory regulations and strive for excellence.

Your Rights

If you are happy with our service let us know and we would love you to recommend us to your friends. If you have a problem we would like to hear about it. Please feel free to talk to your dentists, hygienist or any of the staff at Richmond Fine Dentistry or use the survey box at reception.

Management of Your Personal Health Information

Your dental records are a confidential document. It is the policy of their practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff. Exchange of information with specialists / dentists is done with your knowledge and permission. Exchange of records with other dental practitioners is only done with signed privacy documentation by patient.

Reminder System

We are committed to preventative care. Research clearly shows that regular dental hygiene maintenance reduces overall treatment needs. Review intervals from patient to patient differ during different periods in a patient’s life.

We recommend scheduling your hygiene dental examination appointment at the conclusion of your current treatment. If you prefer not to, we will send you a reminder card when your next appointment is due.

We aim to attend to you at the scheduled appointment time. If you are unable to keep your appointment please pay us the courtesy of giving us at least 24 hours notice. These times can be allocated to another patient in need. We will endeavour to remind you of your appointment via phone or SMS.


Dr Harper is committed to regular training for himself and Richmond Fine Dentistry staff. We often attend training as a team and Dr Harper is always well over his quota of Professional Development points for Continuing Education.

The team are always up to date on the CPR training and medical emergency training – undertaken with Cynergex who are a leading provider of training for Australian dental clinics.

Our Environmental Responsibility

Our dentists use an amalgam scavenger system which eliminates 99% of mercury from entering our waterways. You can find out more about the Dentists for Cleaner Water (DCW) Program at the Australian Dental Association website.

We recycle all our paper products. We have a lot of paper due to packaging of all our instruments, paper cups and the like but this is all recycled.

All patient records are digital and anything paper is scanned onto our secure database which is backed up daily off site.

We have a fully digital integrated x-ray system in our practice and therefore have no harsh chemicals to administer.

All sanitary and infectious waste is collected by the appropriate authorities.

In our clinical and wet areas, we have selected Marmoleum, a natural floor covering material made from linseed oil, limestone, wood flour, natural pigments and jute. This combination of renewable, sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials naturally inhibits bacterial growth.

For our lounge area, we have chosen wool carpets for their natural properties and leather lounges, which do not accumulate dust and we use only neutral, natural detergents and cleaning products. In addition, we have carefully selected our bench top surfaces and finishes in order to keep gasses from volatile organic compounds to a minimum.

We have live plants to help with air quality and a ducted vacuum system to reduce the spread of allergens and kept dust to a minimum. Filtered hot and cold water is available for our staff and patients.

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