Electric or Manual Toothbrushes?

We have been using and recommending the Oral B Electric Tooth Brush for years now and have seen amazing health benefits in our patients that have converted from a manual tooth brush, to this powered variety.

The benefit of less plaque bacteria in the mouth and around the teeth is significant and immediately noticeable to our trained eyes. This reduce bacterial load around the teeth results in reduced gum inflammation, less bleeding in the mouth and gums of a better colour and consistency. This oral health improvement will be the delight to our hygienist’ day. We love to see healthy gums to support your teeth!!

Patients who switch to an oral B electric toothbrush often say they notice just how much cleaner their mouth feels after they brush and comment that going back to a standard toothbrush, would not seem good enough anymore.

There is a misnomer that a powered toothbrush may cause tooth wear from too much force. This has been firmly disproven in several studies. The Oral B powered tooth brushes that we stock (Oral B Profressional 3000 and 5000) have dual speed settings so when starting out and getting used to the new feeling, clients can utilise the slower speed. Once you’ve used this brush a few times, you’ll feel more confident to use either speed and realise that with only mild-moderate pressure and correct placement and angulation of the brush head, you can achieve a brilliant clean, doing NO damage to tooth or gum.

To be extra cautious and for user piece-of-mind, Oral B has also added features which alert the user if they happen to get a little firm with their pressure. For example, on the 3000 variety in the form of flashing red light.

For technique specific direction with use of the powered toothbrush watch this short video