Excellent news! The State Government has further eased dental restrictions to Level 1

It’s excellent news for dentists and all our lovely clients. As of Monday 28th September, the Victorian State Government has further eased restrictions on dental clinics back to Level 1. 

We can now provide all dental and orthodontic services as long as the patient presents no risk of COVID-19 transmission. 

Patients should also be aware that they are permitted to see their preferred dentist even if they are outside their 5km zone as long as you have a booked appointment. 

Melbourne COVID-19 restrictions eased further to Level 1 for dentists Coronavirus Protection Measures Richmond family dental clinic

Services during Level 1 restrictions

The dental services that can be performed:

  • All dental treatments using standard precautions for people who do not present a risk for COVID-19 infection transmission.

What dental services are restricted: 

  • None. Although we will defer all treatment for people who are confirmed, probable or suspected cases of COVID-19. 

Our hygiene routine 

We have been implementing the high infection control guidelines mandated by the Australia Dental Association Coronavirus Committee. Including use of social distancing, PPEs, enhanced environmental hygiene and use of rubber dam during restorative therapy. Of interest, we have been adopting these protocols as a matter of routine.


If you have an appointment booked with us in the coming weeks, we will call you to confirm the appointment time.

If your appointment has been postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will be contacting you in the coming days to reschedule.

Please continue to stay safe and maintain your good social distancing habits. Lidia, Jessa or Nina will be available to take all your enquires regarding your dental concerns. 

Our practice will resume regular operating hours as of Monday 28th September. We are looking forward to seeing your beautiful smile soon.