Family Dental Care in the Heart of Richmond

At our Richmond dental clinic, we see family dentistry as part of preventative dentistry, with a strong focus on overall oral health. We undertake regular monitoring at all dental check-ups to identify any dental issues that could become serious if left untreated.

We think of our dental team as part of the family, and we would love to look after all members of your family too. Our team of experienced dental staff start with our younger patients by teaching them the elements of good oral hygiene. Next, we work with patients of all ages to get rid of any anxious feelings about going to the dentist. We want to normalise dental visits with our gentle family dentistry approach.

Coming to our Richmond dental surgery for all your family’s dental appointments is convenient. It allows you and the family to receive regular and consistent family dental care. This convenience also allows us to develop solid relationships with you and your family for lifelong dental care.

Eating & Snacking Patterns for the Whole Family

Eating and snacking patterns in babies, toddlers, teens and adults play a large part in dental health.

By choosing healthier food and drink options, you and your family can improve overall oral health for life.

The Best Snacks for My Family’s Dental Health

  • ‘Tooth friendly’ snack choices such as nuts, unsalted popcorn, cheese, fruits and vegetables are great options. Keep these healthy snack choices easy to access in your pantry or fridge.
  • Water is the healthiest drink. It’s also easy to access and a massive money-saver. Just remember that not all bottled water contains fluoride.
  • You need to consider the acidity of food and drink. Many people think diet soft drinks, sports drinks and citrus fruit as healthy choices. It’s just important to remember that these items can be quite acidic, and if they’re consumed a lot, the enamel of your teeth can erode. If you’re eating a healthy salad, you may wish to see how much vinegar could be in the dressing.
  • You and your family should limit the sugary, sticky snacks such as lollies or muesli bars. Adults can also have their favourite wines, but remember that wines have a high acidity content.

How Snacking and Meal Times Helps Your Oral Health

Saliva is your mouth’s number one defence against erosion and tooth decay. It constantly washes away acids and replenishes minerals in your teeth.

For saliva to work effectively, you should limit the number of times you eat every day. The best routine to follow is 5 times a day (2 snacks and 3 more substantial meals).

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