Children’s Dentist in Richmond

Children’s Teeth

Your child’s first teeth are essential for their future oral health and development. These baby teeth (or primary teeth) guide the growth of facial bones to ensure that permanent adult teeth come through in the correct position and alignment. The primary teeth are also a vital element for children sounding out words as they learn to talk.

We all know that baby teeth fall out naturally, from the ages of about 6 to 13, and our dentists know at what age permanent teeth come in. However, premature loss of primary teeth can significantly impact your child’s oral and general health. At our Richmond dental clinic, all dental staff guide children on good oral health habits that they can use for life.

Family and children's dentist in Richmond, Melbourne specialising in young children.

Your Trusted Richmond Dentists from Cradle to Grave

Our team of skilled and caring dentists, therapists and hygienists work hard to create a peaceful and welcoming environment for your child at our Richmond dental clinic. It’s our philosophy to manage oral health throughout all life stages. We provide quality dentistry for kids and adults.

First, we work with babies and children and know what indicators to look for. During these early years, we may recommend treatments such as fissure sealants and orthodontics.

Then, as the patient grows into a teenager, we manage the specific oral health and orthodontic requirements that may arise.

Finally, as your child moves into adulthood, they can be sure that ongoing appointments at our Richmond dental surgery will continue to manage their oral care throughout the following decades and life stages.