Kids Club @ RFD: a kids dental health program

What is Kids Club @ RFD?

Kids Club @ RFD is a preventative oral health care concept, developed by Richmond Fine Dentistry, to ensure early intervention, no treatment or minimal dental treatment for your child from an early age.

The oral health team at Richmond Fine Dentistry will focus on developmental dental assessment, oral disease prevention and treatment to ensure minimal intervention and long-term happy faces in the dental chair.

Kids Club @ RFD will focus on a custom screening treatment module which means we focus on 6 monthly age-related oral health needs instead of a generalised yearly examination.

What makes this concept unique?

We focus on age specific dental needs. Children grow so fast and we can guide their oral health according to their unique needs at each age group to prevent any surprise invasive dental treatment at a later stage.

What age groups does the Kids Club @ RFD program help?

We welcome all children from ages 2 to 17 to join Kids Club @ RFD.

Toddler and Preschooler Dental Health: Ages 2-5 years

As a child’s teeth emerge it is important to have a dental professional check for several things to ensure there are no dental issues developing.

  • Check all baby teeth are present and following the age group developmental teeth pattern.
  • Screen for cavities.
  • Screen for age related dental anomalies.

Parents always ask for guidance around thumb sucking and the bed time brushing tug of war around this age group and our team have all the good tips to help. This age group will experience a fun first introduction to the dental practice.

Kids Dental Health: Ages 6-12 years

  • Monitor the age-related stages of tooth development, missing or impacted teeth. Early detection will allow the parent or caregiver to consider possible future treatment, should it be needed.
  • Early stage cavities. Tooth decay is a gradual process that worsens over time however we can spot the warning signs that hugely affect this age group. We provide various minimal intervention options.
  • Orthodontic assessments start around 9-12 and our Oral Health Team will give parents a heads up if possible orthodontic care is something that should be monitored.

Teenage Dental Health: Ages 13-17 years

  • All adult teeth are mostly present now. We value this important introduction to a life-long oral hygiene home care routine to prevent oral diseases.
  • Teenagers will receive their introduction to oral hygiene in the same way we treat and maintain oral health for adults. Our team will do a comprehensive assessment of your teenagers’ teeth and begin to assess jaw bone health, gum health and decay prevention.
  • Many teenagers need special guidance with their orthodontic appliances, and we can help make sure no cavities or gum disease form during their orthodontic treatment time. Gum disease is a big problem for teens and we can help prevent irreversible damage.


As a bonus, we also provide maternity oral care to make sure baby is set up for a healthy smile with no future invasive dentistry.

Contact us at any time for more information or to book your child for a custom care oral health appointment. Reference Kids Club @ RFD and one of our team members will further assist you.