General Dentistry and Dental Care in Melbourne

General dentistry care is essential for overall health and wellbeing and also to maintain specific oral health. When you come to our Richmond dental clinic for a regular check-up with one of our general dentists, your dental check-up will focus on all-body health as part of our holistic dentistry approach. 

This check-up starts with a review of your existing dental care and oral health management routine. The check-up then moves to assessing gum health, tooth exterior (including checking for any cavities) and the condition of the skin surrounding the mouth.

Dental Hygiene

Coming in for a scheduled dental hygiene appointment is an important part of general dentistry. Our dental hygienist starts each appointment by cleaning your teeth using our world-class teeth cleaning tool called EMS Airflow. This tool provides a thorough & detailed clean, in less time than using traditional tools. During the appointment, you’ll also receive valuable advice about brushing, flossing and maintaining optimal oral health.

Brushing & Flossing

It’s really important to remember the basic things about brushing and flossing. We can get too casual about these essential things, and our skilled dental hygienist is there to remind us about things we can do to optimise our oral health. Visit our Brushing & Flossing page to learn more or to get some handy reminders and tips.

General dental care on Bridge Road, Richmond in Melbourne


Periodontics is the specific branch of dentistry that looks after gums. All general dentists are skilled and experienced in dealing with and managing gum disease symptoms. They know what to do to prevent gum disease from occurring again. Learn more by visiting our gum health page.

Sensitive Teeth

Often seen as a result of gum disease, tooth grinding (bruxism) or overly vigorous brushing, having sensitive teeth can often trigger short bursts of pain. Regular visits with our hygienist or one of our dentists is an excellent strategy to ensure your experience of living with sensitive teeth isn’t a prolonged one. Visit our Sensitive Teeth page to learn more about causes and treatments.

Tooth Decay (cavities)

Tooth decay occurs in adult teeth and baby teeth alike. Often causing cavities, the causes of tooth decay are varied. However, treating tooth decay is an essential component of general dentistry and a simple one at that! Visit our Tooth Decay page to learn more about how we manage and treat patients with cavities and other tooth decay issues.

Bad Breath (halitosis)

Ah, bad breath! The ‘unmentionable’ part of oral health. Except we know it’s a really important part of general dentistry, and we know how to treat it. Learn more about how we treat bad breath at our Richmond clinic.

Restorative Dentistry (crowns, veneers, bridges & implants)

Our dentists know how important it can be to have teeth that look good and work the way they’re meant to. Restorative dentistry is a dental discipline all its own, but our general dentists know exactly what needs to happen to keep your teeth looking and working their best. Visit our Restorative Dentistry page to learn more.

Oral Cancer Checks

Who better to notice changes in the skin around your mouth and face than a dentist or dental hygienist? When you attend your regular dental check-up, our team will note any changes to skin appearance. Learn more about how the team at Richmond Fine Dentistry check for oral cancer instances.

Root Canals

Patients need root canal treatment when the interior of a tooth (called the pulp) becomes infected. Our general dentists are skilled in all aspects of root canal treatment and work with patient comfort as their number one priority.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

There’s no need to go to a hospital for the bulk of wisdom teeth removals – all our dentists are skilled general dentists and can handle extractions with ease. Learn more about how we manage wisdom teeth removals at our Richmond clinic.

Laser Dental Therapy

Modern dentistry now features the use of laser therapy for a range of dental treatments. Learn more about how our Richmond Fine Dentistry team use laser therapy in their general dental practice.

Emergency Dentist

Our Richmond clinic is open Monday to Friday during business hours, but one of our skilled dentists is available on weekends and out of hours for emergencies such as abscesses, knocked-out teeth, broken fillings or other situations. Visit our Emergency Dental page for more information.


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