Holistic Dentistry in Melbourne

When you have a dental appointment at our Richmond dental clinic, you receive our quality treatment framed by a holistic dentistry approach. This means our experienced dentists apply a comprehensive framework to all treatments, aiming to improve overall patient health and wellbeing.

One of the key components of our holistic dentistry approach is viewing a dental appointment as much more than just an assessment of and treatment for teeth and gums.

We understand that whole-body health can be affected by one change in any part of the body. In our experience, we have observed that oral health changes can potentially affect known or unknown neurological and cardiac conditions. We also understand that a healthy diet relates to improved oral health.

Our dentists know they’re treating the whole person, living with various health, cultural and other issues. As such, they know their role as a dentist is to treat the whole patient – not just their teeth.

Dental check-ups at Richmond Fine Dentistry follow an overall, wide-reaching view of oral care. As our patient, you’ll receive advice and preventative measures to ensure optimal health for their teeth, gums and oral cavity in general. Our skilled dentists also examine and assess patient’s facial skin as part of a general dental check-up.

Facial Skin Health

When you’re getting a general check-up at our Richmond dental practice, you’ll also receive advice on and solutions for maintaining and improving the health and quality of your facial skin. Aligning to our holistic framework, our dental team look beyond the teeth and gums to assess the health and quality of skin tissues across the head and neck area.

If our staff find any raised bumps or lesions of concern during this assessment, they will inform you promptly and sensitively.

Patients will receive information on the next steps and what needs to happen to return to full health after the excision of the bump or lesion. Patients can choose a medical practitioner of their choice for treatment or a medical practitioner recommended by us. Visit our Oral Cancer Checks page to learn more.

Environmental Dentistry

We see our strong commitment to maintaining a toxin-free environment as another essential component of our holistic dentistry practice. Our experienced dental staff use the most modern equipment to ensure our dental suites are safe and clean environments for our patients. In fact, our dental team think environmental dentistry and holistic dentistry go hand in hand. Visit our Environmental Dentistry page to learn more.

Your smile is one of your most significant assets. We want to help you keep it healthy and long-lasting. Be impressed with our innovative approaches to overall dental and body health by booking an appointment with us today.