Wisdom Teeth Removal in Melbourne

With Richmond Fine Dentistry wisdom teeth removal, Melbourne has a dentist it can trust for professional and high quality wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth removal is sometimes necessary where the wisdom teeth flare up and cause significant pain. Wisdom teeth are unusual in that some people have third molars (wisdom teeth) and some people don’t. Some wisdom teeth don’t have room to erupt and others do. Some cause pain and other times they don’t. Where wisdom teeth pain is experienced, wisdom teeth removal may be the best option.

At Richmond Fine Dentistry we quickly manage wisdom teeth pain with a consultation, and we pride ourselves with being able to see you on the day if you suddenly experience terrible pain.

Wisdom teeth pain can have a sudden onset and make you feel dreadful very quickly. You will be rapidly assessed with our OPG full mouth x-ray machine we have on site and then a treatment plan will be devised.

We can extract teeth at our Practice in Bridge Road, Richmond or for the more complex cases a referral to our Oral Surgeon in Exhibition Street, Melbourne can be organised. Digital x-rays will be forwarded to the Oral Surgeon along with a referral.

We will also always screen for wisdom teeth in your initial comprehensive exam at our practice. We believe it is better to act early than wait till you have symptoms. This is especially the case if you are embarking on an overseas trip in your late teens early twenties. Wisdom teeth often flare up when one has a change in routine, change in diet or experiences an episode of stress – these experiences can all happen at once when travelling.

Management at your initial appointment includes cleaning the area, the OPG Digital x-ray, antibiotics if necessary, wisdom tooth extraction or referral. The aim is certainly to have you feeling better when you leave than when you arrived. Follow up is all part of the service and we will work closely with you until you are out of pain.

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Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.