Myobrace treatment in Richmond, Melbourne

Myobrace for Children’s Teeth

Myobrace is a muscle training system with proven results. Myobrace encourages correct jaw growth, primarily in children, so their dental arches form with enough space to fit their erupting teeth.

Myobrace is effective and doesn’t involve wearing braces 24 hrs a day. Instead, it requires wearing an appliance for a couple of hours per day and while sleeping, coupled with daily exercises.

Who Should Use Myobrace?

  • Patients with Incorrect muscle activation
  • Mouth breathing / open mouth position at rest
  • Incorrect tongue rest position
  • Incorrect tongue movement during swallowing
  • Retained sucking habits


Advantages of Mybobrace Muscle Training System

  • Teaches the correct tongue rest position
  • Helps develop the correct swallow
  • Reduces recruitment of the incorrect facial muscle during eating and drinking
  • Supports lip growth into a closed mouth, rest position
  • Encourages habitual nasal breathing.

Benefits of Myobrace

  • Broad enough aches which fit the adult teeth
  • Correct and functional bite relationship between the upper and lower jaw
  • An aesthetically pleasing and centric facial profile, with sufficient lip definition.

Before Myobrace Treatment


Myobrace Treatment After 6 months


How to Get Straight Teeth with Myobrace?

In doing the above things, it helps the arches develop as they were intended, allowing enough room for the adult teeth to come through straight.

Watch this video for more information on how Myobrace will help.

Enquire now for a Myobrace consultation. The consultation will take about 15 minutes to determine if Myobrace is suitable for your child. No treatment is provided during the consultation. Contact us to book a consultation.

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