Now Available in Richmond, Melbourne. Forget about metal braces and costly treatment that lasts two or three years – Smilefast is now an option!

Designed to save adults’ time and expense, Smilefast is available for for adults of all ages who want to straighten their front teeth to improve their smile. Smilefast is efficient and effective, and reduces the treatment time for braces to 6–9 months. This is great news for our patients as it also reduces the expense.

Smilefast orthodontics braces available in Richmond, Melbourne will give you straight teeth in six months.

Richmond Fine Dentistry’s Dr Matthew Burke has been very impressed by this new system after using it for the past two years.

“It’s more affordable than Invisalign because it works faster, generally taking half the time. Invisalign takes 1–2 years and it differs because it is removable, so it’s not applying the force 24 hours a day. Smilefast is more predictable than Invisalign with fixed braces applying consistent force, concentrated on the front teeth. It is quick and easy to apply and patients just need to have their wires adjusted once a month. Smilefast looks great with clear brackets and white wires giving a cleaner, fresher appearance than regular metal brace fixtures.”

Dr Matthew Burke

How Does Smilefast Work?

A 3D scan of your teeth is taken to identify the best positioning of the brackets, which are attached to the front of the teeth. A tray mould is created especially for the patient’s mouth, and once fitted it adheres the brackets in the exact position identified in the 3D imagery. The clear moulds are then taken off and the brackets have the arch wire attached with the total time in the dental chair being only about 30 minutes. Thereafter it requires dental guidance and maintenance to achieve best results.

How is Smilefast Different to Other Systems?

Smilefast is the latest technology embraced by Richmond Fine Dentistry and there are good reasons for it:

  • The Smilefast Digital Indirect Bonding System utilises 3D imaging to identify precise bracket positioning, essential for fast and straightforward treatment. This allows for predictable movement of teeth and the best quality results in the shortest periods possible.
  • The 3D technology allows the dentist to show patients their anticipated final look, even before they start.
  • Smilefast gets better results than alternative systems that require technicians to manually fix the brackets in place.

Is Smilefast Suitable for Me?

“I’ve received only positive feedback. Most patients are amazed at how quickly it works, and are able to see significant changes in the first 1–2 months. It’s not suitable for all cases – it’s more successful with aligning front teeth than major movements of the back teeth.”  – Dr Matthew Burke

The best way to find out if Smilefast is the best option for straightening your teeth is to book an appointment at Richmond Fine Dentistry, Melbourne.

Don’t delay; a straight, beautiful smile might be just six months away.

Ready for straighter teeth?

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