SmileStyler Clear Aligners: made in Melbourne

Achieve your perfect smile with the SmileStyler orthodontic clear aligners. Using leading technology to scan your teeth we can create some of the most accurate impressions possible, producing clear aligners you won’t even know you’re wearing. SmileStyler is manufactured right here in Melbourne within the week, providing a superior alternative to braces and other clear aligners.

  • Continued intraoral scans throughout the treatment ensure perfectly fitting aligners
  • Well-fitting aligners avoid the potential of added expense or delayed tooth alignment
  • Uncomfortable teeth moulds are not required
  • Advanced technology creates 3D models of your teeth for extremely accurate impressions
  • Made locally in Melbourne, offering a faster turn around than any other manufacturer

What are SmileStyler Clear Aligners?

SmileStyle provides a braces alternative, offering a clear, comfortable and removable orthodontic treatment. SmileStyler works by creating a series of aligners for you to wear that will gradually reshape your teeth over time. The length of the treatment process will vary between individuals and the level of correction required. We use leading-edge technology to produce intra-oral scans of your mouth, from which the retainers are then 3d modelled for the perfect fit. There are two kinds of SmileStyler aligners – Active and Express. Active are the standard course of treatment, Express are more intensive and can reduce treatment time by up to 50%.

State of the art technology using intraoral 3D scanners

The biggest difference between SmileStyler and traditional braces or other clear alignment solutions is that we will use an intraoral scanner to produce a 3D model of your teeth between each phase of the process. The next phase of aligners is then created using those scans, ensuring that they continue to fit exactly as needed and allow for any variations during the alignment process.

This is all carried out completely digitally, so no uncomfortable or bad tasting physical impressions are required. Not all dentists haven’t invested in this type of state of the art technology, so have no option but to offer orthodontic aligners that need to to use moulding trays to make a physical mould.

The SmileStyler Clear Aligner Treatment Process:


Come in to Richmond Fine Dentistry and one of our dentists will discuss with you various treatment options and determine if SmileStyler is the right one for you.

3D intraoral scan

We will use a 3D intraoral scanner to create 3D digital images of your teeth, which will be used to design the aligners you will use to create your perfect smile.


We will then create an orthodontic treatment plan for you, detailing the movements of your teeth and the duration of the treatment.


With the treatment plan having been approved your first phase of aligners will then be created. Smilestyler will complete production faster than any other aligner manufacturer, generally within one week.

Wear your SmileStyler aligners

Each set of aligners worn for the prescribed amount of time will gently shift your teeth into place. The Active aligners are usually worn for about two weeks at a time and Express aligners can be worn for one week or as prescribed.

Regular Scans

Your aligners will be created six stages at a time, so your doctor will perform a check-up and scan your teeth every six or twelve weeks. Each time you are scanned the new information will be used to create your next phase of aligners ensuring that each one fits just like the first one, avoiding the potential of extra costs or delays in tooth alignment.


Once you have completed all of your phases you are now ready to show off and dazzle people with your amazing smile.

SmileStyle vs Invisalign?

Smilestyle aligners are a locally manufactured product right here in Melbourne, while Invisalign aligners are produced in Mexico. The treatments are similar, both providing orthodontic solutions designed to be clear and unnoticeable.

They both provide the user with a series of differently shaped aligners to wear, gradually putting the teeth back in place over a number of stages. The difference here is that Invisalign will manufacture all of your aligners for the entire course of treatment based off the one mould, whereas SmileStyler will only make your first set. We will perform more scans once at each stage, before producing the next set of aligners, ensuring a perfect fit throughout the entire course of treatment.

We offer Invisalign as well, so if you want to know more read our Invisalign page as well.

What is 3D intraoral scanner?

An intraoral scanner (IOS) is device used to capture 3 dimensional optical impressions of the inside of a patients mouth. To ensure a patients are offered the best quality we use a 3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner which is regarded as the best scanner in the current market.

Why are 3D intraoral scanners better than traditional impressions?

3D intraoral scans are quicker:

It is possible to do a scan in less than a minute, whereas a traditional mould were a multistep process involving selecting a correct moulding tray, mixing the impression material, taking the impression and then casting a plater model.

3D intraoral scans are more accurate

Each of the different steps use different materials and each can present errors and degradation. Let alone the chance that the person tacking the mould could make a physical error as well.

Physical moulds can be damaged, lost and require shipping

A digital mould never loses its shape and can have multiple copies and be sent anywhere almost instantly. Also they required either a patient or dentist to store them.

3D intraoral scans cause almost no discomfort

The scanning process is done by a simple device being moved around inside the mouth. Traditional trays required a moulding material to be come in contact with your mouth. This was discomforting and often left patients with a bad taste in their mouth.

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