SmileStyler clear braces: made right here in Melbourne.

Achieve your perfect smile with the SmileStyler orthodontic clear aligners. SmileStyler is alternative choice to other clear braces’ options like Invisalign and Smilefast, with one of its advantages being it is made locally in Melbourne. It is an effective way to straighten teeth for issues ranging from conventional orthodontics to correcting relapsed treatment.

Smile Styler orthodontic branding image of woman standing in window

SmileStyler is a custom made alignment system which allows you to set your smile recovery at either a standard or express pace. It’s based on a series of retainers which are 3D modelled from intra-oral scans of your mouth. No more mess or gagging whilst waiting for your teeth mould to set. New aligners are delivered every 6 – 12 weeks depending on the pace of the correction, with the next set of aligners modelled on the most recent 3D model of your teeth.

A great advantage to the SmileStyler system is that it can reduce your treatment time by up to 50%. The purpose modelled retainers fit your teeth perfectly, each and every adjustment. Plus being designed and made in Australia, any delays to your treatment can be minimised as new retainers can be ordered and available within a week.

SmileStyler removable aligners let you enjoy your lifestyle, without compromise, whilst correcting smile with minimal fuss.

SmileStyler 3 month plans start from $2999. Payment options are available, with zipMoney, Denticare or MySmilePlan.