Preventive dentistry is the best cure

We have all heard the phrase, prevention is better than a cure, but a recent article about dental health in Bite Magazine unpacks the power of prevention.

Author Tabitha Acret explains that steps are being carried out to change the oral health culture from ‘…responsive to preventive.’

Prevention of oral disease should be carried out from infancy – however preventive strategies can be implemented at any stage in life. In fact, we recommend that you continue preventive oral health practices well into the senior years to keep your mouth feeling comfortable, functioning and free of disease.

Jessica Chasen of Henry Schein Halas, states that ‘…by preventing a problem occurring in the first place, the patient [you/we] will avoid what potentially can become a painful and chronic situation later in life.’

Current statistics reported by the Australian Dental Association (ADA), state that ‘…50 per cent of children and 3 out of 10 adults have untreated tooth decay in Australia,’ at the same time that ‘…90 % of all dental disease is preventable.’ These are staggering numbers, which help us understand that action is needed to improve Australia’s oral health status.

In the recent years we have seen an increase in dental disease, with decay on the rise. Dr Peter Aldritt of the ADA’s Oral Health Committee suggests 2 simple, but often overlooked strategies for decay prevention to combat this rise.

  • Reducing the consumption of sugary and acidic food and drinks (as decay is a disease modified by the diet)
  • Maintaining healthy oral hygiene habits, through brushing teeth twice a day and flossing once a day