Environmental Dentistry in Melbourne 

At our Richmond dental practice, we think environmental dentistry and holistic dentistry go hand in hand. We want our patients to have the most positive dental experience at our well-equipped dental surgery, leaving our practice feeling happy and relaxed. We know many factors need to occur at the same time to make our dental practice the calm and beautiful environment it is.

We employ a green approach to our practice operations at our Richmond clinic. We have noticed that this approach improves not only patient experience but also our dentists’ experiences – our skilled and caring dentists love working here.

The Richmond Difference 

Our staff make patient safety and experience their top priority. Not only do our patients receive exemplary in-chair care from our team of highly skilled and professional dentists, hygienists and oral health therapists, but our patients do so in a calming, clean and beautiful environment.

Barrier Dentistry

The nature of modern dentistry demands that many of the tools and equipment used in our dental suites are wrapped in a plastic covering. We use the plastic coverings responsibly, and we place as little of these coverings in our general waste as possible.

A Gentle Environment

We commit to being gentle to the environment at our Richmond dental practice. Our commitment extends to heightening air quality, reducing the use of harsh chemicals in cleaning and increasing the use of natural/essential oils from both an ambience and cleaning standpoint.

Air Quality

State-of-the-art filtration and vacuum extraction systems are part of every dental suite. These systems remove dust, particulate and aerosol matter from the air, making it safer for for patients and dental staff alike. Never has a commitment to optimal air quality been as crucial as in Australia’s post-pandemic environment. People want to feel more safe and protected than ever. If we can provide that environment to our patients, then we think we are meeting and exceeding our commitment to patient safety.

Furnishings and Floorings

Our Richmond dental practice has an abundance of indoor potted plants. Not only do these plants look beautiful, but they produce oxygen which continues to improve our clinic’s air quality.

Furniture in our dental practice is comfortable and locally sourced where possible. Using locally sourced materials helps to reduce our Richmond clinic’s environmental footprint.

We’ve fitted top-quality floor coverings throughout our dental clinic. Beautiful Australian wool carpets grace our reception and waiting areas, and our dental suite floors are covered in Marmoleum. Marmoleum is a sustainable form of linoleum made from natural content including jute and limestone. Marmoleum is eco-friendly and free from PVC. We are proud to use this innovative product in our dental suites.

Clinic-wide Environmental Commitment

Because our clinic has such a strong focus on creating a calm, green and clean environment, our staff have a natural tendency to act as environmental stewards. We are happy to share our green dentistry knowledge and experiences with our patients so we can all work together to live in a safer, greener world.