The facts about teeth whitening

White smiles are in and there’s a general assumption that all teeth whitening treatment is created equal. However, teeth whitening is not for everyone. That’s why we give all our teeth whitening patients a pre-whitening check-up to ensure that you will get what you came for.

Any teeth whitening treatment should be certified by the Therapeutic Goods Act as all whitening systems contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which can have adverse effects if not administered correctly.

Schedule 10 of the Poisons Standard lists substances of such danger to health as to warrant prohibition of sale, supply and use. The standard specifically states that teeth whitening products containing more than 18% carbamide peroxide or more than six per cent hydrogen peroxide may only be sold, supplied and used by registered dental practitioner as part of their dental practice.

It is the above stated law that prevents whitening salons, not operated by dentists, from using the stronger solutions.

The ingredients in whitening gel can cause or accelerate sensitivity or nerve damage. If you have fluorosis, red or bleeding gums, cracked teeth, worn tooth enamel or broken fillings then teeth whitening is not recommended for you right now. Your pre-whitening consultation will identify any issues, and we will make recommendations for fixing those issues prior to the different types of treatment.

In-Chair Teeth Whitening using light-accelerated process such as Philips Zoom Whitespeed. The patented system has the ability to enhance tooth surface as well as brighten the teeth. In-chair treatments by a trained dental professional reduce the risk of chemical burns to the soft tissues.

Take Home Teeth Whitening Treatments provide the flexibility to whiten at home with custom fitted trays.

The In-chair and Take Home Kit Combo is the most popular and most effective option to sustain your new smile.

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