Implants may save more than just your smile

Aside from how it makes you feel, did you know that the root of your tooth actually stimulates your jawbone and encourages new growth? Once your tooth is lost the jaw starts to lose density and mass, making the surrounding teeth less stable. This is the reason why older people who have lost their teeth look like they have a small jawline – it is shrinking.

Teeth may also drift out of place, along with your jaw alignment, and you become much more likely to lose those teeth. So if you’ve been missing a tooth or several teeth for a while and have been considering a replacement, we encourage you to discuss implants as an option with your dentist. The loss of a tooth can be painful, unsightly, and may severely impact your self-confidence.

You are never too old. Adults of all ages can have dental implants. We can replace anything from a single tooth with a fixed crown, to multiple teeth with implants supporting a fixed bridge or removable denture. Some of our denture-wearing patients are increasingly opting for implant alternatives. Implant supported dentures are more comfortable and it means everything on the menu can be eaten again, without the frustration of dentures slipping around while you’re chewing your favourite foods.

Happy mouths mean happy people, and that’s what we’re all about.

To read more about the various options and benefits of implants see Dental Implants or contact us at Richmond Fine Dentistry to find out if you’re a candidate today.