Jaw and Face Pain: TMJ Disorders

TMJ disorder, or TMD, is the name given to a cluster of symptoms involving pain in the jaw, face, neck and head. TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint which allows movement in the jaw. Symptoms of TMD can include:

  • pain and tenderness in the face and jaw with eating, talking and chewing
  • clicking or noises in the jaw
  • headaches or sinus aches
  • ‘locking’ jaw or reduction of movement
  • dizziness, ear aches, or ringing in the ears

The causes of TMD are complex, and likely involve genetic, hormonal and environmental factors. More women than men are affected. An integrated approach using minimally-invasive techniques is recommended in most instances. Our TMJ Relief Clinic, led by Dr Robert Harper, offers myotherapy, dental treatment and low level laser therapy to treat symptoms and address the underlying cause.

MLS Laser Therapy

Our laser therapy is safe, pain-free and non-invasive. It provides effective relief for TMD pain by reducing pain and inflammation and accelerating healing in muscle and soft tissue. Our MLS (Multiwave Locked System) is the latest in laser therapy and is designed specifically for dentists.

The pain of TMD can be debilitating, so if you have any persistent pain or think you may have TMD, come and see us. We can help you find relief.

TMJ Disorders Jaw and Face Pain Laser Therapy Dentist Richmond