Prospects are brighter with whiter teeth at the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival.

After a long winter of drinking mulled wine and hot caffeine hits, it’s time to spring clean your smile with our teeth whitening options for the Melbourne racing season.

Your smile can be seen from up to 80 metres away. It is an intense focus of what other people look at, and considered a sign of our warmth, confidence, and health

Results of a study done in 2007 provides evidence that a beautiful white smile has a direct effect on both social and professional interactions. The study, “The Impact of Whiter Teeth on Key First Impressions” shows that a whiter smile substantially affects how others think of you when you first meet. According to the three-part study more than half of the study participants were more likely to be hired, receive larger salary offers or be asked out on a second date once their teeth had been whitened. Our own clients tell us of a renewed feeling of confidence in having a fresh white smile..

So if dressing to impress this season, put your best smile forward and talk to us about Zoom in-chair whitening or take home whitening options. In just 90 minutes you will start to see the difference.


Teeth whitening for Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival sparkling wine toast

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